The services of GmbH are split into two fields:


The engineering services of comprise:

  • Contributions to the definition, dimensioning and optimisation of railway vehicles, such as:
    • Dimensioning of the electrical part
    • Train performance calculations, especially for energy optimised driving
    • Stability calculations inside vehicles and connected to the power supply network
    • Thermal simulations
    • Energy consumption calculations and optimisations
    • Life cycle cost (LCC) calculations
  • Support for commissioning and certification of railway vehicles,
    such as:
    • Definition, performance (if necessary with other partners) and evaluation of measurements of electrical signals and thermal behaviour
    • Certification procedures for interference currents and power supply system stability according to EN 50238 and EN 50388
    • Investigation of energy consumption
    • Support in the field of propulsion system control (both line and motor side)
  • Similar work for industrial applications


The second field of 's services is the development and operation of simulation and test systems including the necessary definition of simulation models for industrial and traction propulsion systems. As a speciality offers real time simulation systems, both "hardware-in-the-loop" (HIL) and "software-in-the-loop". feels that simulation is not a task by its own, but an integral part of an engineering or business process. The corresponding service portfolio of comprises: bietet insbesondere Echtzeit-Systeme an, sowohl "Hardware-in-the-Loop" (HIL) als auch "Software-in-the-Loop" (SIL). sieht die Simulation nicht als isolierte Tätigkeit, sondern als integralen Bestandteil in einem Engineering- oder Geschäftsprozess. Das Dienstleistungsangebot umfasst dementsprechend:

  • Project, process and organisation management with special attention paid to tooling aspects,
    such as::
    • Definition of tasks, which can be treated (preferrably) by simulation tools, for the benefit of the enterprises and their customers
    • Proper definition of interfaces in respect of technical and organisational aspects
  • Specification, development, implementation and operation of the software of simulation systems,
    such as:
    • Mathematical modeling and code writing for controllers and the controlled system
    • operation and support during the operation of simulation software
  • Specification, implementation and operation of the hardware of simulation systems, especially for hardware interfaces in case of hardware-in-the-loop simulators